Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Suite Talk Podcast is Available!

I started The Suite Talk show in January 2018 simply because I felt stagnant at my job and I felt like I needed something more.   Since then, I found a new job, which I am extremely excited about and The Suite Talk has allowed me to expand my PLN, meet, learn and share from other people from the US and around the world.  I am truly thankful for all of my guests, viewers and subscribers.  This experience has been amazing and a lot of fun! :)

To add to this journey of learning, I started a podcast for The Suite Talk.  Now, you can watch my show on The Suite Talk YouTube channel or simply subscribe to my podcast, The Suite Talk.  This is truly a learning curve for me and so far, I am learning a lot about podcasting.   My motto is, "the no stress show", and I want to keep it that way.  I am human and I make mistakes, but I am not ashamed of them because that is how I learn and improve.  

Right now, my podcast is available on the PodBean hosting service.  You can download the Podbean app at the Apple Store or Google Play store and search for The Suite Talk and follow me.  

As I become familiar with podcasting, I will make my podcast available on iTunes and Google Play, but for now, I am taking it one step at a time.  

I am getting many suggestions from my audience and supporters, so please keep it coming.  I will do my best to accommodate your requests and suggestions.   This experience is truly amazing and I am grateful. 

If you are interested in being on my show, please visit the website and click on the Guest page.  Fill out the form and I will contact you as soon as I can.

If you want to watch older episodes of The Suite Talk, please visit the website and click on the Episodes page.