Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keyboard and Mouse Webmix using Symbaloo

I created a webmix using Symbaloo for my students to practice their keyboarding and mouse skills. They absoutely love the Super Hyper Spider Typer game, Cup Stacking, and Bees and Honey.

I also use Typing Web for keyboarding practice.  This is a free tool where you can (the teacher), create up to 25 student accounts. I created generic user accounts and created tickets for this application. The students have to sign in and start practicing their home row skills. Once they complete a level, the application focuses on different fingers and letter keystrokes. Much to my surprise, my first grade students handled the challenge well!

I would highly recommend trying this application with your students.  You can visit my Symbaloo to see other keyboarding and mouse skill resources.

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