Monday, September 28, 2015

Google Classroom Calendar Integration!

A new feature to Google Classroom is having a calendar integrated with each class.  Every time you create a class, (and even for existing classes), a calendar will be created.  The calendar will be available in the Google Classroom environment and in the Google Calendar app. 

As of right now, the calendar will add any assignments and announcements with due dates only. However, you can manually add information to the calendar too.  

To access the calendar, login to Google Classroom and click on the About tab in your classroom.  You will be prompted to view the calendar in Classroom or open it up on Google Calendar app.

The calendar can be viewed in two different ways as shown below:

1.  Google Calendar view in Classroom

2.  The calendar will be accessible in the calendar app, under the 'My Calendar' section.

If you already had a calendar created for your class, you can export the events from that calendar and import it into the Classroom calendar.  This will prevent you from having to maintain multiple calendars.

Here's how you do it:
  • go into the Google Calendar using the Calendar app
  • click on the down arrow for the old calendar under 'My Calendars', select 'Calendar Settings'
  • click on 'Export this calendar'
  • a zip file will be downloaded to your computer, unzip the file by double clicking on it, and an ics file will be available
  • click on the 'Gear' button at the top right side, then 'Settings'
  • click on the 'Calendar' tab
  • click on 'Import Calendar'
  • click on the ics file, then click on the appropriate Classroom calendar
  • click on 'Import'
  • click on 'Close' and go back to calendar
  • You are done! Your events should be added to the Google Classroom calendar
You will have all of your events in one calendar!  Now you can delete the old calendar that you created prior to the Calendar integration.  

Note:  If you would like to add events to the Classroom calendar, you must do so in the Google Calendar app.  Students can view calendar events by going into the calendar app. Students can only see assignments/announcements that have a due date in the calendar view in Google Classroom.  

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