Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday - 3 Helpful Extensions, Part 5

Have you discovered extensions yet?  The purpose of an extension is that it will extend the functionality of a web page.  They are available in the Chrome web store, and most of them are FREE.  Once you install an extension, it will appear at the top right corner of the Chrome browser.  Each Tuesday, I will introduce three new extensions that I find helpful and I hope you do too.  

It will allow you to display two or more websites in one tab.  This will allow you to watch a video in one window and take notes in the other window.  I use this extension often and I find it very helpful.

This extension is awesome!  It allows you to push any website to your students who are in your Google Classroom class.  This extension saves times and directs students to the website easy!

This extension will allow you to perform a one to one conversation or a group conversation through instant message, or video call.  

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