Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Give Feedback using Google Keep

Did you try to use Google Keep to provide feedback to your students?  If not, I recommend that you try it.  Google Keep is a Chrome App that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and installed in your Google profile.  It is an app that will allow you to create reminders, lists, collaborate with others, attach important files, links, or images, and color code your notes.  It is similar concept to having post-it notes.

Recently, Google Keep has been integrated as a new feature in Google Docs. This option is available through the Tools menu in a Google document.  Simply click on 'Tools', then click on 'Keep Notepad'.

This is a great feature because it will allow you to create a library of comments or stickers that you can reference when reviewing student documents.  When creating your library of comments or stickers, be sure that you have one comment per note.  It will also be helpful if you color code the note by a category.  For example, all the orange notes refer to a grammar suggestion.

The Process

  1. First, create your library of commonly used comments in Google Keep.  
  2. Next, open up a student document to review, then open up Keep Notepad. The Google Keep notes will appear in the right margin.  
  3. Simply, highlight the text you want to leave feedback in the document.
  4. Click on 'Comment' to open the commenting tool.
  5. Find the comment in the Keep Notepad that you want to insert in the student document and highlight it.  
  6. Copy the comment, by hitting CTRL + C on the keyboard.
  7. In the commenting dialog box that is already open, paste the comment, by hitting CTRL + V on the keyboard.
That's it, you are all done!  I found this process to be simply and quick.  The most time consuming part is building your library in Google Keep.  Once this is done, you can always go back and add or delete comments as needed.  The library will remain in effect until you no longer want to use it.

You can also do this with stickers using the Bitmoji extension.  This extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Below are two screen casts that I created to complete this process.  The first screen cast demonstrates how to use stickers and Google Keep, and the second screen cast demonstrates how to use comments and Google Keep.

I hope you find this method helpful.  Please leave comments or feedback on your experiences with these tools.  

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Sticker Integration using Google Keep and Google Docs

Instant Feedback in Google Docs using Google Keep

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