Sunday, May 13, 2018

All About Google Classroom - EOY Tips and Jamboard Integration

In my recent episode of The Suite Talk, I wanted to focus on Google Classroom and provide you with some tips, and other information about it. 

You can watch me on The Suite Talk, episode #26, All About Google Classroom EOY Tips and Jamboard Integration.  If you don't want to watch it, my agenda and show notes are listed below.  

Here is what I mentioned in my episode:  

Google Classroom - End of the Year Tips:
  • Return and grade all work to the students
  • Export grades if necessary
  • Hide the classroom calendar in Google Calendar
  • Archive your classes
  • Create an ‘Archive’ folder in Drive and move the class folder in there
Printing Student's Assignments:
  • Download the PDF Mergy app from the Chrome webstore
  • This app will allow you to select and add multiple files to merge into one PDF file.  
  • At this point, the PDF file can be printed out
Setting Notifications:
  • Customize your email notifications from the main menu
  • This will affect all of your classes
Jamboard Integration:
  • It is an android app, and works best from a device that supports the Google Play store.  I am using a Pixelbook Chromebook which supports the android store.
  • You can still upload Jams for students to view via the web.  The web version is very limited and will allow students to just view the Jam.
  • Jams are stored in Drive and can be uploaded as assignments in Google Classroom
  • Create jams and make a copy for students, or have students edit, and view them.
  • Download the Jamboard app from the Google Play store
Google Classroom Feedback
  • Click on the question mark at the bottom of the screen and leave the team your feedback or suggestion. You can even include a screenshot!
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  1. This was helpful. I asked for some help with this today on Google + and as I am looking back I found your post.

    Thank You.

  2. Great tips ... and easy to follow!

    It's especially important to encourage teachers to leave feedback. Tech companies pay close attention to this stuff. Plus, it's great to model for students about constructive criticism -- placing substance with a complaint.

    - Kevin