Thursday, August 7, 2014

Padcamp What?

Today, I attended a Padcamp which is a FREE professional development unconference workshop for educators, school administrators, technology personal, and more.  All of the organizers did an outstanding job getting ready for this event and I want to say THANK YOU!  As always, it was great to see everyone.  

The schedule of sessions came together nicely.  I finally met +Brad Currie, @bradmcurrie, which presented two sessions, one on iPad Leadership with Dr. Spike Cook, @drspikecook, and the other on iPad apps.  Here is a list of some apps that I wanted to share:  

  • Voxer - a "walkie talkie" app that will allow you to send audio messages to individuals.
  • Zite - an app that will provide you with articles or blogs that are specific to your interests.
  • Touchcast - an app that will allow you to create newscasts
  •  Appolearning - an app that will help you find other apps related to subject and grade level
  • Remind - formally known as Remind 101, is an app that will allow you to text messages to people
  • GoodReads - an app that allows you to create virtual book shelves
  • Chatterkids - an app that allows you to turn an image into an interactive image
  • GeniusScan - an app that allows you to scan a document into a PDF file 
In addition, I presented a session on Google This Google That.  My presentation focused on the apps that are available in your Google account, scripts/add-ons, and tips and tricks.  I gave ideas on how to implement them in your classroom.  Here is the link to the presentation.

There were a lot of other great sessions today.  If you would like to refer to the notes, click on the link under the title of the session in the schedule.

If you are able to attend a Padcamp or an Edcamp, I would highly recommend it!  It is truly a great day of learning and collaborating with other people who are trying to accomplish the same goals, which is student success!

Here is a list of Padcamp organizers:

  • Doug Harvey | Stockton College
  • Kevin Jarrett | Northfield Community School (chair)
  • Betty Napoli | Galloway Township Public Schools
  • Frank Pileiro | Linwood Schools
  • Scott Sarraiocco | Absecon Schools
  • Kim Sivick | Chestnut Hill Academy
  • Mike Sweeder | Egg Harbor Township Schools


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