Thursday, September 18, 2014

Voxer What?

Voxer is a FREE walkie talkie app that is available on the Play Store and iTunes Store.  It is a great tool to collaborate with your co-workers and peers and to get a quick comment or question to someone.  

First, you must download the app onto your device.  Then you must create an account.  Finally, search and connect with others.  The purpose of  this app is to allow your contacts or members of a group to collaborate together on questions, issues or comments.  It is an easy way to contact someone without having to use email.   

Use in Education:

This year, I created two digital PLC groups using Voxer for the staff at the +William Davies.   I encouraged the staff to download the app, search and connect with me.  Once they did that, I added them into one or both of my digital PLC groups. 

My digital PLC groups are #Davies Tech Integration Group and #Davies GAFE Group.  Both of these groups allow me to be accessible to staff in case they have a question or comment for myself or for the group. The #Davies Tech Integration Group will include comments and questions from staff about technology integration.  The #Davies GAFE Group will include comments and questions from staff about Google Apps for Education.  Each group has different members added to it and everyone in the group can hear the comments.

Some features about Voxer:  
  • you can create groups or chats
  • you can speak or text your comment or question
  • you can attach a picture to your comment
  • invite your friends to Voxer
  • turn on/off notifications
So far, I find using Voxer to be easy, and convenient.

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