Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Forms + Flubaroo = Success !!!

Did you know that you can use Google Forms for exit tickets, assessments, quizzes, or survey? It also can be used to track student growth.  Google Forms allows you to collect information from an audience where the information is saved in a spreadsheet.  Once the information is in the spreadsheet, it can be manipulated accordingly.  Some examples of that are, sorting, filtering, or including      

Login to your Google account and go to Drive.  Click on the 'Create' or 'New' button and select 'Forms'.

My recommendations for creating a Google Form:

  • at the top left side of the screen, rename the Form immediately
  • use the same form name (file name) for the name of the Form
  • type in directions
  • prompt the audience to type their names 
  • make important questions required
  • if this is a quiz, shuffle the question order
  • create and view responses in a new sheet, this is the default
  • show progress bar at the bottom of the quiz
  • share the link to the form on your webpage, Google Classroom group or Edmodo group, and shorten the link by putting a check in the checkbox


    • modify the Form layout by - 
      • inserting an image 
      • inserting a video 
      • inserting a header 
      • inserting a page break
      • select a user-friendly theme
    • go to a specific page based upon a response
    • type in 'help' text for the questions to clarify requirements of the question
    • un-check 'Submit link to submit another response'

    Once you send out your form and assuming it is a quiz, the teacher should take the assessment to fill in the answer key.  Once the assessment is completed, all of the data will be saved into a spreadsheet.  You can install the add-on called Flubaroo.  This add-on will grade the assessment.  

    Perform the following steps:
    • click on 'Add-ons' at the menu bar
    • search, install and accept the terms for  'Flubaroo'
    • click on 'Add-ons' from the menu bar, select 'Flubaroo', 'Grade Assignment'
    • step 1:  setup the grading assignment, points, etc for each question
    • step 2:  select the entry that is the answer key to the quiz
    • Flubaroo will create a new sheet called 'grades' with the list of the grades for each student.
    It is that easy!  In my opinion, the most time consuming part is thinking of questions to put on the quiz! I hope you find this post helpful!

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