Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday: Get on board with StoryBoardThat!

StoryboardThat is an online tool that will allow you to create a storyboard using a drag and drop interface.  It offers many different scenes, such as, town, home, school, work, historical, US history, patterns, outdoors, and mythical and futuristic. Characters, shapes, textables, web and technology and your own images can be uploaded to the storyboard too.  There is an audio option that can be included in the storyboard.

In addition, when the storyboard is completed, you have a few different options on displaying it.  You can print it, view it as a slideshow, download the images, download as a Powerpoint presentation, or make it visible to the public.

This application even provides resources and activities for teachers to use in their classroom.  It can be used for narratives, grammar, characters, literary elements, life skills and much more.

Click on this link to view my storyboard that I experimented with.  Enjoy!

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