Monday, August 24, 2015

6 Important Google Classroom Updates

Alice Keeler recently wrote a blog post on 6 important updates for Google Classroom that will take effect during the next few weeks and should be implemented in the Fall of 2015.  Remember, it has only been a year since Google Classroom has been release and the team is constantly making changes. They are listening to our feedback!

Here are a few updates that will be implemented over the next few weeks:

  1. Move a Post:  Use the menu, (the three dots), on the announcement and assignment to move the post to the top of the stream.
  2. Reuse a Post:  This update has been announced at ISTE, but soon you will have the option to reuse a post from a previous announcement or assignment.  You can reuse a post from current classes, other classes, or archived classes.
  3. Post a Question:  You will have the option to post a question to the stream, see the responses of the students, and assign points to their responses.
  4. Calendar Integration:  This is HUGE!!! Now a calendar will be created when you create a class.  In addition, when you post announcements/assignments with due dates, they will be added to the calendar.
  5. Optional Due Dates: You can toggle the due date on/off so that an assignment does not have a due date.  
  6. Attach a Google Form:  Not available yet, but this will definitely be helpful. An easier way to attach a Google form to assignments and a link will be available for the teacher to find the responses.

When you log into Classroom, you may be prompted with a few new messages, as shown below:

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