Monday, October 5, 2015

Celebrate Success, Digitally!

I found this awesome tool, called Credly, that will allow you to create badges for students, teachers, administrators, and more!  It can be used for anything!  Anyone who is deserving of an achievement can receive a badge.  You can create one for showing good character, act of kindness, conquering a skill, and much more!  The image shown above are badges I created for staff and students at my school.

Simply create a free account and start creating your customized digital badge.  It's that easy!

Credly will allow you to customize a badge by selecting a shape for the badge, an image or upload your own, changing the text color, the border and fill color, and adding a special effect to the border.  

There are 3 easy steps:

  1. create your free account
  2. create your badge and give it a descriptive name
  3. give the badge to the person by email
The recipient will check their email for the notification.  A sample is shown below.

The recipient will  have the option to save it or share their achievement via social media.  

The tool also provides you with an option to upload a .csv file with email addresses for bulk notifications.

I am truly impressed with the ease and quickness of creating a badge.  I would highly recommend using this tool to celebrate success!

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