Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday: 3 Helpful Extensions

Have you discovered extensions yet?  The purpose of an extension is that it will extend the functionality of a web page.  They are available in the Chrome web store, and most of them are FREE.  Once you install an extension, it will appear at the top right corner of the Chrome browser.  Each Tuesday, I will introduce three new extensions that I find helpful and I hope you do too.  

These extensions were shared with me by my friend +Tom Mullaney.  Having a great PLN has so many advantages!    Thanks +Tom Mullaney!

This extension is an extension manger.  Simply click on the icon for Extensify, and it will display a list of all the extensions that you installed.  It will allow you to enable/disable all the extensions quickly.  There is no need to go through the Chrome menu settings, simply use the Extensify extension.

It will provide you with a spell check and a grammar check for social media, documents, emails and more!  It will suggest the correction and you have the option to correct it or ignore it.  For more information visit,  https://www.grammarly.com/grammar-check.

The eyedropper feature will allow you to get any color from a web page and it also provides you with the color elements as shown below.  

Once you find a color you want, it will save it so that you can manipulate it and add it to other objects.  


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