Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Exploring the Explore Tool

The NEW Explore Tool

In Google Docs, the Research tool has dramatically changed. First, it is now called Explore and many popular features are not available any more such as the citation and link features.  For more information on the new changes and to alternative options, refer to the table  below.

Still available Changed

- Search for content
- Search for images
- Personal is now changed to Drive


- Insert citations for links, websites and preview are not available.
- Insert image citations appear under the image, as shown.
- Image citations do not appear at the bottom of the Google document as a footer.
- To insert a link into a Google doc, you must drag and drop it into the document

- Scholar, Quotes, Dictionary
- Citation Format, MLA, APA, Chicago
-Search image filters
are not available
Extensions: Cite This For Me
Google Doc Add-on: EasyBib

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