Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tech Tip: Read & Write for Google


Purpose: The Read & Write Chrome extension, is available in the Chrome Web store, provides assistance in reading content on a Google document. The Screenshot Reader Chrome extension will allow you to capture a section of the text and read it aloud. It also allows you to create voice comments in a Google document.

Read & Write for Chrome is FREE for teachers!

Voice Comments - Easy as 1-2-3:
  • Select the text you want to leave a comment on.
  • Click the Voice Note Button from the Read & Write Toolbar
  • Click the ‘Mic’ button to record up to 1 minute
  • Click the ‘Stop’ button, then ‘Insert’
  • Your comment will now be inserted as a link and can now be heard when you click the ‘Play’ button

toolbar R&W.png

Other Toolbar Options:
  • Word Prediction - will display a list of predicted words, read aloud
  • Dictionary - will read aloud the definition of the word and highlight it as it is read
  • Image Dictionary - click and drag the image into the document
  • Play - Read aloud and highlights the text as it is read
  • Screenshot reader-  crop out a certain portion of the content, it will read aloud and highlight
  • Speech Maker - Highlight the contents and it will download an audible file to your computer
  • Screen Mask - uses a bar to help with concentration and reading the content
  • Speech Input same as Google Voice typing
  • Translate tool
  • Highlighting tools
    • Clear all highlighting on the document
    • Collect Highlights - sorts information according to the color of the highlight marker
  • Vocabulary list - creates a new document of your keywords
  • Voice Note

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