Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Great Way to Start the New Year - New Features of Google Classroom

The Google Classroom team has been listening to all of your feedback and has responded with providing its users with new great features.  

Personalized Posts

First, personalized posts are now available. This will allow teachers to provide differentiated instruction to their students. You can use this feature to send extra credit or remediation resources to your students. I created an animation for you to reference. Additionally, you can check out the Help Center.

Also, you can easily add and remove students from the individual post as shown below.

Notification Improvements for Teachers

Second, teachers will now receive notifications when students submit their work after the due date and when a student resubmits their work. For more information check out our Help Center.

Below is a screen shot of the email notification and the assignment status.

See how Classroom is being used

Finally, G Suite for Education Administrators can get analytics on the usage of Google Classroom in the domain. They can report on how teachers and students are using Google Classroom. For more information check out our Help Center.

This is a wonderful way to start 2017! If you would like more information about these features please take a look at the official Google for EDU blogpost or check out the What’s New page.

As you use these new features remember to submit your feedback to the team via the ‘Send feedback’ button. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on the product forum where experts will be able to address any of your questions.

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