Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Digital Learning Day is Coming Soon!

Digital Learning Day is on February 23, 2017 and the purpose of this movement is to highlight great teaching practices and showcase innovative teachers, and leaders on their lessons using technology which help students improve their learning.  

You can participate in this movement for FREE.  Simply register your school and add your marker to the interactive map.  Once signed up, promote it at your school!  Have staff participate in this movement by using technology in the classroom, experimenting with a new technology tool that aligns with the core subject standards, and having students become innovators in the classroom. The possibilities are endless!  

Use can use social media to promote your school during this day. Include @OfficialDLDay and #DLDay on each post so that it is streamed in the conversation.  Post updates that include images of students and teachers implementing technology into their lessons, using the applications, or devices, and much more.  

At the William Davies Middle School, we participate in Digital Learning Day every year.  However, this year I am encouraging staff to share their ideas, tips, or tech tool in a spreadsheet so that other educators can be inspired or motivated to try something new.  

I am encouraging my readers to participate too.  Simply click on the spreadsheet link to add your idea, tip, or tech tool so that others can learn from YOU!!!

I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity and start this movement in your school.  It starts with you!

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