Thursday, February 20, 2014

Traveling Sousa Project and Voicethread

Students in Mrs. Berchtold's music class at the William Davies Middle School in Mays Landing, NJ are working on a Traveling Sousa Project.  It is similar to Flat Stanley, where students have to take Sousa with them where they go and take a picture with the puppet or of the puppet and document it accordingly.

The students are using their school license Voicethread account to create their online presentations.  First, they need to take pictures of Sousa with their own devices such as an iPod, iPad, cell phone, digital camera, or their netbook.  Next, they will download their pictures from their device to their network drive on the school's network.  Once this is completed, the students will upload the pictures into Voicethread.  

Note:  If the students are using Google Apps for Education, they can upload their pictures to their Google Drive instead and then they can link the URL address of the picture to the Voicethread presentation. 

Once the pictures are in Voicethread, the students will narrate their journey with Sousa accordingly.  They can create a video comment, audio comment, or a typed comment.  They can also doodle on the picture.  In addition to narration, they need to create a cover page, insert a presentation title, and insert titles on each slide.  When the project is completed, they will share the link with their teacher via Edmodo.

Here is a sample presentation I created for this project.

To find more information about this project you can search Traveling Sousa on Facebook. Enjoy!

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