Saturday, March 15, 2014

From My Classroom To Yours Conference

On March 12, 2014, I had the pleasure to be a presenter at the From My Classroom To Yours Conference at the Richard Stockton College in Pomona, NJ.  This was my first official time presenting and it was amazing!
Last summer, I applied to be a presenter of two sessions, Google This Google That and A Web Tool Smack Down.  I applied for two sessions, only thinking I would be approved for one.  Well, I was wrong, not only did I present for both of mine, I co-presented with Lead Learner and Principal, +Stephen Santilli, on Social Media, Branding vs Communications in the William Davies Middle School.

I was so excited to be apart of the +SRI & ETTC conference and to share my experiences with other educators, technology personal, etc in New Jersey.

My first session, Google This Google That was in a computer lab where every seat was taken.  I spoke about how Google apps can be used to help flip a classroom, allow for a green classroom, implement the use of scripts, and Google tips and tricks.  For example, I had the attendees complete an online quiz using a Google Form and demonstrate the use of Flubaroo on grading it.  The presentation took the entire session, which was an hour.  I was pleased to see people asking me questions and speaking to me about their issues after the session was over.

The next session, Social Media, Branding vs Communications at the William Davies Middle School, I co-presented with +Stephen Santilli.  It was amazing to be able to share our experiences with so many people! Steve explained how we brand our school using the school's name, logo, mascot, crest, and hashtag. He mentioned the influences of BrandEd, which is an educational channel found on BAM radio, that encourages schools to get involved with branding.  Of course, while branding, we are also communicating our messages too.

Next, I explained the implementation and workflow process of managing all of our social media platforms for the William Davies Middle School. In addition, we mentioned the acceptable use policy, positive feedback from parents and other community members, types of posts, the reach and results of using social media on a daily basis, especially during unforeseen incidents, (which was a factor a few times during the school year.) Basically our message was, by using social media and managing it carefully, our message is quickly and efficiently delivered to our school audience.  You can find our school on, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest.  

In addition to this experience, Diane D'Amico from The Atlantic City Press newspaper watched our entire session and interviewed us afterwards.  She published an article in the newspaper about our topic.  I was completely shocked and amazed!   Here is the link to the article:  Stockton offers teachers a lesson in social media.

The final session I presented was, A Web Tool Smack Down.  It demonstrated the use of web tools and gave ideas on how to implement them into the classroom.

Overall, I am honored to have been apart of this day in the way I was. It was great to be able to see many of my peers such as Kyle Calderwood, Liz CalderwoodKate Baker, +Michelle Wendt, Frank Pileiro, Kevin Jarrett, Dave Hewitt and many more.  Plus, I finally got the chance to meet Faisal Youhari, the coordinator of the event.  Thank you Faisal and the +SRI & ETTC for accepting my application. I look forward to future presentations!

In addition, I would like to thank my Hamilton Township School District, +William Davies Middle School family +Stephen Santilli, +Joe Knopp+Lew Improta and +Leanna Mullen for their support. #WeAreDavies

Finally, I would like to thank my husband for being my "rock" and biggest supporter.  Thanks for putting up with me and listening to me.  You are the best and I love you!!!

Check out my new website I created just for this conference: The Tech Lady Express

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