Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quick Guide to Meograph - An Interactive Timeline Tool

Meograph is an online interactive tool that will allow you to create AWESOME timelines.  It is a powerful tool and it is FREE!  However, I highly recommend you create an account.

This past week, I taught 8th grade Social Studies students at the William Davies Middle School how to use Meograph for their project.  I taught this tool during one 80 minute class period.  During the lesson, the learning goal was:  "I" will be able to understand the use of the Meograph application.  The next visit was a follow up to reinforce the tool and to check on the student's progress.  The learning goal was: "I" will be able to organize information into Meograph.

First, I modeled the tool by going over many components of it such as:
  • Create a new Meograph
  • Title/Rename the Meograph
  • Create a cover page, that included an image and a narration with their name and class information
  • Add/Edit/Delete a Moment (which is an event)
  • Include an Introduction and a Conclusion for the Moment
  • Within the Moment, include the following fields:
    • Media - an image or video
    • Audio - narration
    • When - a date
    • Where - a location, which will include a Google Map
    • Text - a caption for the Media
    • Link - a URL address for a website
    • Label - gets populated when a Link is included
This information is shown in the image below:

You can add as many moments as necessary.  Meograph will automatically put the moments in chronological order.

Here is an  example of a completed moment as shown below.

One great feature is the video trim tool that is built into the application. When a video is included, it will give you the option to trim the video to highlight a specific part.  The only information you need to know is the start and end time of the part of the video you want to highlight.  When you play back the Meograph, only that part of the video will play.  A powerful feature!!   

In addition, Meograph, will allow you to share using embed code, share on social media, or by simply copying the URL address of the completed timeline.  

I would highly recommend this tool!  Meograph is a powerful timeline tool that is easy to learn, implement and share.  Instead of using Prezi or Excel to create timelines, try using Meograph, you will not regret it!. 

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