Sunday, June 1, 2014

Get to Know Moovly

Moovly is a free online tool that will allow you to create animated videos, presentations and a display ad.

After you create an account, click on 'create a project', and give it a title and description, then hit 'continue'.

Under the 'My Moovs' section, click on 'New Project' and a blank canvas will appear.  Once the blank canvas appears, there are many tasks that can be done such as:

  • drag an object from the library to the canvas
  • re-size the object 
  • rotate the object
  • adjust the timing of the object
  • insert and play animations
  • adjust the timing of the animations
  • add text
  • add text to the stage
  • change the text properties
  • open your personal library
  • upload sound and adjust the timing of the sound
This online tool reminds me of Powerpoint and Movie Maker combined in one application, however, Moovly has a lot more to offer.

Feel free to leave feedback on this tool.  I would love to hear your opinions and experiences.

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