Monday, June 9, 2014

Useful Link: Padlet for the Classroom

Padlet is a free online collaborative tool that will allow you to share a wall of information.  First, create your account, then go ahead and create a new wall.

Once your wall appears, you can go into the Settings menu on the right side of the screen and assign the wall an icon, title, and description.  You can also modify the layout, privacy settings, notifications, obtain the link, and delete the wall through the settings menu.


After you saved your settings, you are now ready to start adding information to the wall.  Just double click on the wall to create a post.


You can attach a link, upload a picture or file, or take a picture using your webcam using the icons at the bottom of the post.  If you want to delete the post, simply click on the trash can. If you want to edit the post, click on the pencil.

To share your wall, click on 'Share/Export' button on the right side. You will have the option to share via social media, export as a file, email or print, embed it into a website, or share via the qr code.

Remember, classroom teachers need to create an account and simply share the link with the students.  You can add the link on your website, or in Edmodo.

Ideas for the Classroom:
  1. Discussion Board 
  2. Do Now assignments
  3. Exit Tickets
  4. Research tool to keep links
  5. Complete group projects


  1. Have you ever used
    if so how have you used it.

    1. Brenda Tuncer - thank you for your response. I have used Todaysmeet as a backchanneling tool for professional development for staff and with a 6th grade class during a Mystery Skype. I like the tool and it can be very productive.