Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to Flip it with Google!

I created a flipped lesson on moving a webpage from Expressions Web to a Google Site.  I used Google Slides, an instructional video, and a Google Form for an exit ticket.

First, I created the instructional video for reference.  The video is about 3 minutes long and explains the process on moving a webpage from Expressions Web into a Google Site.  Once it was completed, I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel.

Next, I created a presentation using Google Slides to teach the lesson.  I included a learning goal and scale, questions, instructional videos and an exit ticket.  At times, I checked for understanding which allows them to review the lesson if needed.

Finally, I created an exit ticket using a Google Form.  The exit ticket is a method to check that students understood the lesson, and what they may need improvement on.

Here is a link to my presentation.  I will be sharing this with staff at the +William Davies Middle School.  As more staff receive Chromebooks, they will need to bring over their webpage from Expressions Web into a Google Site in order to maintain an updated page.

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