Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Programming with Sphero!

My resolution for the new year is to become more familiar with Sphero.  I was impressed that I was able to easily use the interface and program Sphero to follow simple commands, using the MacroLab app on my iPad 2.

First, you must use Sphero with an  android or apple device, and download a few apps. These apps are available in the Apple and Google Play stores. I downloaded these apps on both of my devices, but I used my iPad 2 to program Sphero.  The apps I downloaded are:  
  1. Sphero - This is the main app used for updates and general driving.
  2. Draw and Drive - Allows you to draw a shape with colors.
  3. MacroLab - Creates simple programs that are a series of instructions for the Sphero through an easy to use graphical interface.
As I experimented with Sphero and the MacroLab app, I found myself becoming addicted and excited about the results of the program.  I used commands such as Roll, Stop, RGB, and Rotate.  In each command, you must specify different attributes.  For example, in the Roll command, you can specify the speed, heading and delay attributes.

In addition, the Draw and Drive app will allow you to draw the path you would like Sphero to follow. In my opinion, the MacroLab app is the more suitable app for programming.

I am attaching a short 30 second video of Sphero following the simple program. http://youtu.be/WCPl5mIvxDg

You can visit SPRK (Students, Parents, Robots, Kids) for lesson plans and ideas.   In addition, I found this website, AR in ED, very helpful to implement lessons using Sphero.  Here is an example of a lesson using time, speed, and distance worksheet that will allow students to record the results of Sphero.

I recently received a grant for $200.00 from Delta Kappa Gamma in which I am planning to purchase 2-Ollie Smart Toys.   I am planning to  implement the use of Sphero and Ollie Robots in STEM class with middle school students.   I will write a follow up post when it is completed.


  1. As I experimented with Sphero and the MacroLab app, I found myself ... spherosprk.blogspot.com

  2. Because the Sphero can only be coded with android or apple, is there no way to do the activities/code on a chromebook?

    1. To my knowledge, there is not an app available to program Sphero on the Chromebook. If you find one, please share.