Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flip your Classroom with YouTube


Did you know you can flip your classroom using YouTube and your Google account? These procedures will describe how to flip your classroom and a few features of YouTube.

Flip your Classroom:
  • First, video your tutorial or lesson.  You can use any device that has a webcam or a camera.
  • Next, sign into your Google account and go to the YouTube app.
  • Then, upload the video to your Google account.
  • Important, be sure you make your video public.
  • Finally, share the link on your webpage, Edmodo, or Google Classroom.
  • The video is accessible to all your students!

Upload the Video:

  • click on the ‘Upload’ button.
  • select the videos you want to upload from your device to your Google account.  
  • click on ‘Open’
  • The video is being uploaded and processed to your Google account.
  • Once completed, click on ‘Published’

Video Settings: Includes information about the video

  • Be sure you provide a title, description, tags and a thumbnail for the video
  • Make sure it is public
  • Share it on social media
  • In the advanced settings, verify the following:   to allow comments, users can rate the video, license and rights ownership, caption certification, distribution options, age restrictions, category, video location, language, recording date, 3D video and video statistics.

Video Manager: allows you to manipulate the video settings, include enhancements, audio options, annotations, and subtitles/cc.

  • Enhancements: save as new video, quick fixes, stabilize, filters, special effects, slow motion, trim
  • Audio: include an audio track to your video, mute and volume options
  • Annotations:  include text on your video
  • subtitles and CC

YouTube is a Video Editor:

  • combine multiple clips and audio to create a new video

Subscribe to a Channel:

  • Allows you to get updates from your favorite people when a new video is posted
  • Search the person and simply click ‘subscribe’

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