Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Using Tech for BYOD!

In many classrooms, students are using their own devices.  An instructor can utilize this technology by using a few web tools or apps that are interactive with the students.  

Here are a few:

Gathering information from students:

  • Kahoot allows you to deliver quizzes and surveys to your students and the teacher controls the pace of the quiz.
  • Poll Everywhere is an application that allows you to collect responses via text messaging.  One way to display feedback is in word clouds such as Wordle and Tagxedo.  
  • Google Forms will allow you to deliver quizzes and surveys to your students.
  • Google Classroom and Edmodo are available for iOS and Android markets.  They both are virtual classroom environments that will allow your students to respond to quizzes, surveys, and polls.  
Mobile Media Creations:

  • Audioboom is available for iOS and Android and will allow you to create simple audio recordings.
  • Animoto and Magisto is available for iOS and Android and will allow students to create an online presentation or movie.
  • ThingLink  is available for iOS and web browser will allow students to create interactive images.
  • PicCollage is available for iOS and Android will allow students to create a collage of their pictures.
  • QR Codes many websites offer qr code generators such as Kaywa, QR Code Generator, QR Stuff, and QR Voice.  Students need to have a QR Code reader installed on their device such as QR Reader, available for iOS and Android.  QR Code Treasure Hunt
  • TagMyDoc will allow you to upload documents and pdf files to the website and assign a qr code to it.

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