Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You Spoke, Google Listened: New Features of Google Classroom!

4 New Features of Google Classroom have been added to the app to enhance your experience.

Invite co-teachers to join your class

Multiple teachers can work and collaborate in a single Classroom class. With the exception of deleting the class altogether, additional teachers can perform all of the same functions as the primary teacher, including:
  • Creating assignments and announcements
  • Viewing and grading submissions
  • Participating in comments on the class’ “stream”
  • Inviting students to the class
  • Receiving email notifications related to the class

Save assignments or announcements as drafts

Teachers can also prep for their classes in advance by saving announcements and assignments as “drafts” and waiting to send them until they’re ready. 

Assign grades without having to return the assignment

Grades will now be auto-saved as they’re entered, meaning teachers can grade assignments over multiple sessions but still return those assignments to students all at one time.

Email notifications of private comments will be sent out

Teachers and students will now receive email notifications when private messages are left on assignments.

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