Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Clean Pal - Cleanscreen Technologies

I recently was asked to evaluate a cleaning cloth for mobile devices and tablets.  At first, I wondered how this product could be different from my dollar store cloth?  To much to my surprise, it cleaned my smart phone thoroughly and quickly.

What is different about this product?  It is a microfiber cloth that removes smudges and fingerprints from screens.  Plus, I liked that I had to apply the microfiber adhesive to the plastic card, (which is provided in the packaging). The card allowed me to clean the hard to reach corners and edges of my mobile device. I cleaned my phone with the case on it.  In addition, I like that I am able to carry The Clean Pal in my wallet.  

This product was nicely packaged with simple directions and links to reference the product.  I would recommend The Clean Pal to clean the screens on your mobile devices.  Give it a try!  

Visit www.cleanscreentech.com for more information.

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