Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gamify Professional Development

Do you provide professional development to staff at your organization or school district? Like many technology integration coaches, it is part of our responsibility to teach staff about using technology and implementing it into the classroom successfully.

Last year, I provided a new twist on professional development by providing the staff with a challenge on Google Drive tasks by using  Alice Keeler's gamification template on Google Drive.   Staff really enjoyed the activity and felt successful because they were awarded badges after each task.  The Gamify Google Drive Search template can be found on her website.  This challenge will test your knowledge on Google Drive search techniques, which includes 31 different tasks and a variety of difficulty levels.  On her website, she explains how the badges are assigned and how the points are calculated.  

Next, I used her generic blank template to create my own Google Classroom Level Up Challenge for staff at my school district. (Click on the link I provided and scroll down to the middle of her webpage and you will see a link for the generic template.)  In the template, I added the Google Classroom tasks, difficulty levels, descriptions, and helpful links to complete each task.  I used the default badges that were in the template.  Here is the link to the Google Classroom Level Up Challenge that I created.

Additionally, Alice Keeler has Intermediate Google Apps Challenge that includes 56 different tasks, with 5 different difficulty levels and a variety of topics.   This challenge was shared with me from one of my co-workers.  When you download the template, take note of the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  You may want to display all the hidden tabs to fully understand the workflow of the template. 

This template has a complex workflow and would have taken me some time to complete my own version of it.  I am very appreciative that she has allowed the templates to be shareable with the public.  Thank you Alice!

You can follow Alice Keeler on Twitter and read her blog posts by visiting her website.  


  1. Kimberly, I would concur with two of your statements, Thank You Alice for sharing all your resources as well as the workflow is complex. I saw the same post and thought about how to build-in some accountability. I modified and posted about it here: http://gallaghertech.edublogs.org/2016/02/18/badges-we-do-need-stinkin-badges/ Check it out

    1. Daniel, I like your version of awarding the badges for the tasks that are completed. The automated email message with the code is a great idea. How do you confirm the code sent to a person in an email to what they are entering into the spreadsheet?