Monday, April 25, 2016

New Google Chrome Experiment - Tilt Brush

The Google Chrome Team introduced Tilt Brush, a new app that enables artists to use virtual reality to paint the 3D space around them. Part virtual reality, part physical reality, it can be difficult to describe how it feels without trying it firsthand. Using virtual reality technology, Tilt Brush will allow you to paint from a different perspective. You will be amazed with the details and graphics of Tilt Brush.   

Virtual Art Sessions lets you observe six world renowned artists as they develop blank canvases into beautiful works of art using Title Brush.  Each session can be explored from start to finish from any angle - all viewable from the browser.
Ideas for the Classroom:  Students can:
  • show expressions of a character from novel
  • replicate statues, they can even add their unique perspective
  • recreate an era of history through architecture, music, food and culture
  • envision a futuristic idea that will help society
The possibilities are endless!
To read more about this app, visit the blog post.  Posted by Jeff Nusz, Data Arts Team Technical Lead and Pixel Painter

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