Friday, April 8, 2016

New Polling Features in Google Classroom

New polling features are now available in Google Classroom.  This new feature is seen when you post a question to the stream page. You now have the option to ask an open ended question or a multiple choice question.  This will allow teachers to have more options to communicate with their students, assess students understanding, and gather information on feedback.  

Here are four ways you can use polling in your classroom:

  1. Post exit tickets
  2. Help students self monitor the skills/tasks at hand for an assignment or project
  3. Guide discussions
  4. Get feedback from the students about your lesson
Enjoy this new feature of Google Classroom.

Remember, the Google Classroom team is always improving the interface and application.  If you have a suggestion that is not available and you would like to see it implemented, you can always leave feedback to the team by clicking on the ? in Google Classroom.  They read all of the feedback, prioritize them and make improvements to the application on the next update.  

For more information about this new feature, you can visit the Google for Education Blog.

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