Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Google Classroom - New Scheduling Post Feature

Starting today, users in Google Classroom, particularly teachers, can plan ahead by scheduling announcements, assignments and questions to post at a later date or a specific time. Simply click on the + button, create your post, and click on the down arrow next to the assign button and select 'Schedule'.  At this point, you can select a schedule date and time.  

Once this is completed, you can find scheduled and draft posts in the 'Saved posts' section at the top of the class stream page. 

You will also receive an email notification when the scheduled post is live.  The email notifications have a new look to them too.  

The team is also adding new updates to Classroom over the next week—all designed to help teachers save time and stay organized. Look out for easier-to-read email notifications and updates to our iOS and Android apps.

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