Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to Create Audio Files for your Assignments!

Are you always repeating yourself during the day to your students or peers?   If you find yourself constantly repeating the same information to your audience, I would recommend trying to create an audio file.  Whether you are repeating the assignment directions, learning goals, expectations, procedures, etc.  create an audio file and make it accessible for your audience to hear it over again at their own pace.  

This technique can assist all students in your classroom, but especially special education students, and ELL students.  All students can benefit from this because they can play the audio file again and again at their own pace.

The tool that I would recommend to create recordings is Vocaroo.  Vocaroo is an online recording tool that will allow you to save or download your audio recordings.  It is very simply to use and it is FREE!

First, I would highly recommend that a microphone is used so that you get the best quality audio recording.  Plus, Vocaroo will not work until a microphone is connected to the device.

Next, you are ready to record.  Simply click on the red record button and start speaking.  

Note:You may get a pop-up from Adobe Flash Player to allow access to your microphone and camera, just click 'allow'.  

When you are done, click the square to stop recording.   You now have the option to retry or listen to the recording. Retry will allow you to record again, and listen will allow you to do that.

If you like the recording, then click the 'Click here to save', link and you will be prompted with the image below.

At this point you can copy the link to your recording and insert it into an assignment in Google Classroom, Edmodo, or on your website.  Also, you have the option to post it on social media using a class hashtag or download the file to your local device.  

This process is very simple and quick to use.  I would also recommend reading the directions you typed on your assignment so that you don't forget to include a direction in the recording.  

Happy Recording!!!

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