Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How to Screen Share with Google Cast for EDU

Students can be masters of their own domain and lead a discussion using a screen sharing tool to their teacher's computer without having to logoff of their computers.
How do you accomplish this?  By using Google Cast for Education! Google Cast for Education is a Chrome app that can be downloaded and installed from the Chrome Web Store.  Both parties, the teacher and the students must have this app installed in order for the screen share to take place.

Note:  If teachers or students are not permitted to download and install apps from the Chrome Web Store, it will have to be done by the Google Administrator from the domain level.

Once the app is installed for both users, the teacher would have to setup their device by completing the following steps:

1.  You must enter a RECEIVER'S NAME, I would recommend typing your name or 'Teacher', and press SAVE.

2. Next, click on SHARE, to give students access to your device. You have to select the permissions for the students at this point.  You can add people by typing their email address, groups, or Google Classroom. When completed, click ADD, then SAVE.

3.  At this point, the students will have to start their screen share.  They will need to open and run the app on their device, then navigate to the website they want to share with their teacher.  

Note: Students need to be using the Google Chrome browser.

4.  The students will click the 3 dots at the top right corner in the Chrome browser, and select CAST. They will be prompted with a list that will display their presenter's name, or teacher's name.  They need to select the appropriate name from the list.  

5.  The teacher will receive a message prompting to accept or decline the request.  

6.  Magic! The student screen is shared on the teacher device.

This tool can be used to allow students to present their projects from their devices to the main computer in the classroom which can be connected to a projector.  It will save time because students do not have to login/logout of devices, and it avoids disconnecting equipment.

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