Thursday, November 8, 2012

Superstorm Sandy

I started a collaborative google map for SuperStorm Sandy 2012. I am looking for authentic photos and descriptions only of the damage to your street, town, county or school. It will be interesting for the students to see on a map, the extent of the damage along the eastern seaboard. Please share this with any teacher you know who was in the damage path of SANDY.

You have to use this link here.

Multiple Email Addresses

I am piloting the use of multiple email addresses using Google.  The method is simple.  Create a main domain Google Account, for example,  Then have your students go to a website that allows them to create an account, for example, wikispaces. Allow them to create a username and password, and for their email address, the student would need to enter the   Be sure you include the plus sign.  Once the account is confirmed, the student will have access to the web tool, in this example, wikispaces.

The best part is that the students do not have access to the inbox.  The purpose of this method is to allow them to sign up for web tools.  The admin is the only person who has access to the inbox.  Keep in mind, every time a student signs up for a web tool, the main domain account may receive an email.  This can result in the inbox becoming overloaded with emails.  The admin has to perform some "housekeeping" on the inbox.  The "housekeeping" can be as simple as deleting the emails at the end of the class period or creating filters and labels to organize the emails accordingly.