Monday, March 18, 2019

The Chemistry Merge Cube Project

Recently I was featured on a YouTube Live event for CoSpaces EDU with Michael Fricano to demo my Chemistry Merge Cube project that I created for middle school science.

Although, I used CoSpaces in the past, this was my first time using the Merge Cube add-on for it.  I just dove in and started to create my scenes and content for the project. 

I added three scenes which displayed a label to the chemistry topic, plus each scene had four questions.  Because I am a Google girl, I had to align it with a quiz that I created using Google Forms.  The Forms quiz had the same questions, plus I added a few more, and I set it up to release the grade to the students immediately. 

Additionally, I needed labels which were created using Google Drawings.  I was able to customize the formatting of the labels easily in Drawings.  When the labels were completed, I downloaded each one as a png file, then uploaded into the CoSpaces library.  This allowed me to reuse the labels in the project.   

Finally, I coded the space to allow the students to navigate through the scenes.  The students were able to go to the next scene or back to the previous screen.  As always, I love to code and I learned a lot using this platform. 

If you are interested in viewing the show, you can visit the YouTube link to watch the show.  Here is the link to my Chemistry project in CoSpaces.

If you really want to engage your students and immersive them with ARVRinEDU, 3D and 360 degree technology, I would highly recommend creating an account for CoSpacesEDU.  I am fortunate enough to have a school subscription for this tool that includes the Merge Cube add-on, but if you want to try it for free, use the promo code of  COSMICHAELFR.  You will get a 30 day free trial.