Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Activity Boards + Google Drawings = Student Choice

I recently created an activity board for my STEM class for my Microbit lessons.  This board is posted in an assignment in Google Classroom, (as students can view), and it contains links to hyperslides. Each activity link opens a separate Google Slides file, (hyperslides), and each file contains directions on how to complete the activity.  For example, it contains screen shots, step by step directions, and a screen cast on how to upload their final project file into Google Classroom.

In this episode of The Suite Talk, I go over how to create the activity board template using Google Drawings and posting it into an assignment in Google Classroom.  Click here to view the episode.

I am also including the FREE template of the Activity Board for you to use with your students.  Just click on the link to make a copy of it.  Click here if you want to preview it.    I just ask that you give me credit for creating it. 

I hope you find this episode and information helpful.  Enjoy!

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