Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Google Classroom Notifications Feature

The Google Classroom Team always listens to feedback from their users.  Being on the team, I know first hand the Googlers value your feedback, and they prioritize it accordingly.   That is why I always stress to users in the forum, to always leave feedback by clicking on the ? at the bottom of the screen.  The animation below shows how to send feedback to the team.  You can also click on this link

An important update in Google Classroom was the enhancement of the email notifications.  In the past, you only had the option to enable or disable them, and this was a global setting. This would flood your inbox with emails.

Now, you can specify what type of email notifications you would like to receive from Google classroom. It is still a global setting, but now you have the option to enable/disable notifications so that your inbox does not get overloaded with Google Classroom notifications.  The image below displays all of the options you can enable/disable for your email notifications.  

Additionally, you can change your profile picture in this area too.

Continue to leave your feedback and you may see your suggestion implemented in Google Classroom.  

Publication and Duplicate Features of Google Sites

Google release a new feature for Google Sites that will clarify how the site is published on the web. 

Now you can request that your site is not displayed on public search engines as shown below.  By default this option is disabled.  If you decide you do not want your site displayed on public search engines, simply check the box.

You can read more about this latest feature on the G Suite for Updates Blog.

Another great feature available is the option to a duplicate a page.  If you want to use a layout of an existing page for a new page, you don't have to recreate the new page from scratch.  Simply use the duplicate feature to make a copy of the page, rename it, and it will show up in the navigation menu. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Feature of Google Sites: Vertical Grouping

Google released a new feature in Google Sites.  Finally it will be easier to create text boxes and move them under images, similar to a caption.  Personally, I am so happy they implemented this new feature.  I had such a hard time formatting my page because of the limitation, but now I am happy to see this new feature is available.  Way to go Google Sites Team!

See the animation for more details.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What is EquatIO?


What is it?
  • EquatIO is a Chrome extension that will allow you to create mathematical expressions or equations using dictation or typing from your keyboard or touchscreen.
  • You need to download it from the Chrome Web store.

  • icon.pngThis extension will live in the Chrome browser.  An incon will be displayed at the top right corner when the extension is enabled.  
  • You can use this extension to create mathematical expressions or equations in Google Docs and Google Forms.

Docs-icon.pngforms icon.png
  • In a Google document or Form, click on the extension to activate the interface.  It will be shown at the bottom of the screen.


equatio Interface.jpg

Offers an:
  • Equation, LaTeX Editor, Handwriting Recognition, and Voice Input of mathematical expressions, or equations.
  • Insert Mathematical operations, symbols, functions and Greek letters
  • Inserts the equation as an image into the form or document

Mathematical Operations:

Mathematical Symbols:

Mathematical Functions:

Greek Letters:

File:Youtube icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Screen casts on YouTube

View the short screen cast about Handwriting Recognition.
View the short screen cast about the Speech Input tool.

Need more help?  Visit the website for more information on this great extension.

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