Monday, April 8, 2013


If you are looking for a great web 2.0 timeline tool, you can stop searching because Meograph  is your solution.  

With Meograph, you can create moments (or events) which will allow you to include pictures, videos, and a Google Map.  To include a Google Map, all you have to do is enter a location of the place, ie: Las Vegas, NV.  In addition to all of these features, Meograph allows you to narrate your moment, so you can add a personalized touch to your timeline.  It also includes a cover and a conclusion for your timeline which you can also narrate and add a picture too.

In addition, you can create an account and save your timelines or you can use Meograph as a guest.  However, if you use Meograph as a guest, your students must finish their assignment within the class period then take the embed code and upload it to a website, such as Edmodo.  

Please note, if you are using Meograph as a guest, your timeline may not exist because they clear out their servers.  Meaning, your timeline will not be saved for a long period of time.  I would recommend you create an account.  If your students are older than 13 and they have permission, then they would be allowed to create an account too.

I highly recommend this tool.  Enjoy!