Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Did you know about this Google Classroom update?

The Google for Education team has listened to all of the feedback from their users and has provided a few more new features in the latest Google Classroom update.

First, you are now able to move posts to the top on the Stream page, (not on the Classwork page).  Simply click on the 3 dot menu of the post and select 'Move to the Top'.  Now, the Stream page can be organized by putting the most recent assignment or announcement to the top.  

Additionally, you can now control how to setup classroom notifications simply by going into the setting menu, select 'Classroom on the Stream' in the General section, and choosing one of three options.  

  • Hide notifications (no classwork notifications will appear on the Stream page).
  • Show condensed notifications (show collapsed view).
  • Show attached and details (show expanded view).
You can read more about this update in the Google Classroom help forum community. 

Keep sending the team feedback by clicking on the ? at the bottom of the screen in Google Classroom.  They are always listening and prioritizing the feedback to improve Google Classroom.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Using Google Tools to Target Domain 4

In the latest episode of The Suite Talk, Sean Eichenser goes over using Google tools such as Google Forms, Google Voice, and Google Translate to target domain 4 in the Danielson model.

Sean showcased using Google Forms to track students leaving his classroom, (which then the response sheet can be shared among your peers to track patterns).  So forget the paper and clipboard!  Additionally, using Google Voice and Google Translate to communicate with parents who do not have email.  

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