Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Few Good Tricks using Google Sheets

I am hosting a new talk show called, The Suite Talk, which focuses on Google for Education and technology integration for the classroom.  Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay up to date on episodes, and check out the website, The Suite Talk, for a schedule, guest inquiries, and much more! 

In this episode of The Suite Talk, A Few Good Tricks using Google Sheets, I go over my workflow using a Google Form and Google Sheets to track, and record data for my Student Growth Objective.

Here is a list of features that I use in Google Sheets that you may find helpful.

Paint Format Tool
Hide Columns
  • Always start with an = sign
  • You can reference the formulas in the help menu
  • Sum()
  • Countif()
Data Validation
  • Restricts users to enter specific values into the cells
  • Can provide the values in a drop down list or not
  • Can provide the users with error messages
  • Found in the Data menu
Conditional Formatting
  • Allows cells to be formatted specifically depending upon a condition
Sheet Tabs at the bottom
  • Delete
  • Duplicate
  • Copy to
  • Rename
  • Color code
  • Protect
  • Hide 

Here is the episode of The Suite Talk.

In addition, I created short screencasts that will demonstrate how to apply data validation and conditional formatting in Google Sheets.

Finally, Google just released a new feature to record actions in Google Sheets.  Read more about it on their blog.