Sunday, July 26, 2020

Templates and Remote Learning Awareness

I am gearing up for the upcoming school year, updating my resources and creating templates for teachers to use during their classes.  

One template I created was a GSuite Bingo Board.  This is a fun way to have your students to CREATE and assess their skills.  You can grab a copy of it here

Another template I created was an Activity Board Sequence Template, which guides students to complete activities in a sequential order. It leaves room for differentiate instruction.  Grab your copy of the template here.

I also created a  generic Choice Board template which will allow you to add your creativity to it.  Grab a copy of it here

The final template I created was the 1-2-3 Remote Learning Choice Board.  This template allows you to keep things simple! Remember, the student learning is the goal, not the tech tool.  I would also express that you use familiar technology tools so that it is not overwhelming for you or the student. 

Please use and revise this template accordingly.  Grab a copy of it here

Step 1:  Learn! 
Allow students to read/watch about a concept.

Step 2:  Do!  
Allow students to show what they know, via assessment or through sparking creativity.  Allow them to CREATE!

Step 3:  Meet! 
Conference with students in whole group or small group to receive and provide feedback.  This will support SEL, relationships, and community building.

You can visit my Remote Learning Awareness website for more templates and information.

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Friday, July 17, 2020

#PayitForward with Jamboard

Before the pandemic, I fell in love with Google Jamboard.  With that being said, I was promoting it to staff at my school district and providing training sessions on the many possibilities of using it in the classroom.  

During that time, in order to help bring awareness to Jamboard, I created a resource called Ideaboard for Jamboard.  This resource provides many examples, templates, and learning objectives for both students and teachers to fully implement this app into your learning environment.

Since the pandemic, Jamboard has become extremely popular.  Many teachers are using it for a digital whiteboard and sharing these notes with their students via Google Classroom or with some type of recording tool.  

If you are using Jamboard, please help me to continue to promote it by sharing your lesson with me.  Please fill out the form to submit your idea and it will be shared with everyone!  Help me to #PayitForward.

You can certainly check out my Ideaboard for Jamboard resource on my website, The Suite Talk.  The Jamboard page on The Suite Talk website, provides you with a presentation resource I created called, Get on the Jamboard Train, and an article that I wrote for Equip digital magazine from called, How to Use Google Jamboard for Distance Learning Success.

Additionally, Jamboard is a relatively new app, in which is always improving.  If you have a feature request or a suggestion, please leave the team feedback about your request.

I hope you share your ideas with me.  Let's try to #PayitForward and help other try and use Jamboard in the classroom. 

Check out The Suite Talk website and my resources in the Wakelet collection.