Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Features of Google Slides

The Google team recently released many new updates in Google Slides.  I found all of them to be very helpful.  Here is a brief summary of the updates:

1.  Keep Notepad is integrated in Google Slides, similar to Google Docs, it will open Google Keep in the right margin and allow you to add your notes to the slide deck.

2.  Link Slides will allow you automatically update information that is copied from one presentation into another.  

3.  Insert Diagrams is a great feature that will allow you to insert hierarchy charts, timelines, process, relationships, and cycle diagrams directly into the slide deck.  The user can change the content of the information very easily.

4.  View Options allow you to view the slide deck either in a grid view or flimstrip view.  This option can be found at the bottom left corner of the slide deck.

5.  Skip Slide will allow you to hide a slide when presenting it to an audience.  It will still remain in  your slide deck, but will not be shown to the audience.

6.  Add-ons will allow you to enhance your slide deck with many new add-ons such as Pear Deck, Adobe Stock, Shuttershock,  

Here is a screen cast that showcases these updates.  You can also click on the link to view it on YouTube.

To read more information about these updates, please visit the Google for Education Blog.