Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back to School: Google Classroom Updates

The Google team has release new updates to Google Classroom prior to the start of the school year, (at least in NJ).  They have been listening to all of your suggestions and improved or added new features to Google Classroom.

First, many users wanted to be able to organize their classes on the home page.  Now teachers and students have the ability to drag and drop the class cards in any specific order on the homepage.  You can organize your class cards by schedule, or by highest priority, etc.

Another great simple feature is having the class code projected in Google Classroom.  Now, you don't have to write the class code on the board for students to join, simply display it and it will be enlarged and displayed to the entire class.  Simply go to the 'Student' page, click on the down arrow next to the class code, and select 'Display'.

Next, another great feature added to this version of Google Classroom is having a single view of a student's work displayed on one screen, for a particular class.  This page will list all of the student's work and the status of it for both the teachers and students.  For students, this can be accessed from the class card screen on their home page.

Furthermore, the team has provided the option to transfer course ownership to another teacher in the course.  The teacher must first be a co-teacher of the course in order to have ownership.

Finally, the team has provided the ability to distribute decimal grades to students.  In the past, you were limited to whole numbers only.  Now, you will have the ability to add decimals to the grade with 2 decimal points.

As you can see the Google Classroom team has been listening to all of your feedback and has release many new features prior to the school year.  You can read more about these updates on Google's blog. 

As a Google Classroom expert team member, it is important for you, the users, to continue to provide feedback to the team as often as you can so that the engineers can continue to improve Google Classroom.  If you would like to leave feedback, please click on the ? at the bottom of the screen in Google Classroom.  I hope you enjoy these updates and find them helpful.