Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Help 'Sandy' Students from Pinelands

Please vote for Pinelands Regional High School in Tuckerton, NJ in a contest to win a Dream Prom for our seniors!.  The Pinelands community, along with its students, was one of many schools in the state of New Jersey who provided assistance for Superstorm Sandy victims in Little Egg Harbor, Tuckerton, Manahawkin, Toms River, and many other towns.

While other schools resumed their schedule after the storm, the Pinelands School district remained closed for an extra week after Sandy.  The district allowed the American Red Cross to setup a shelter for many people who had evacuated their homes during the storm.  Many people from neighboring towns stayed in the shelter.  The school also ran a donation drop for food, clothes, toys and household items.  During this time, many of our students helped with the shelter, food donations, clean ups and people in the community to try to come to grips with the devastation.

In addition, to these tasks, our students organized Halloween Trunk or Treating for the the younger children who were displaced from the storm.  They also assisted with moving donations from the school to a local store, had a benefit concert at the High School, and focused on collecting donations at Christmas.  These are just a few things our students did during that difficult time.

I am proud to live in this community and I am proud to say my children participated in many of these tasks.

Please vote for Pinelands, Go to Rent the Runway , create an account, click on 'Prom', then scroll down and click on 'Win a Prom for your School.'  Voting takes place once a day from March 25, 2013 through March 29, 2013.  The winner will be announced on April 2, 2013.


There are many bibliography and work cited tools that you can use to teach citations.  It is much easier to use an online tool to assist teachers and students with this task.  Here are a few online citation creators you can try:

Infographics made with easel.ly

I have been introducing infographics to middle school students using easelly.  This tool is very simple to use and easy navigate.  With easelly you can upload images, add and format objects, add shapes and text boxes, create your own theme or modify an existing theme.  The best feature is, the students do not need to sign up for an account.  Once they completed their infographic, they can use a screen capture tool, such as, Windows Snipping Tool, Jing, or Screen-o-matic, to save their infographic.

Windows Snipping tool is an application that comes with Windows 7.  It should be in your accessories folder, if not, you can perform a search from the start menu and Windows will find it.  Jing and Screen-o-matic are tools that you can download from the Internet and they are FREE!

Download these tools, they are FREE!

Jing Screen Capture Tool