Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Taking your Physical Classroom Online using Google Workspace


Since COVID hit worldwide, it has affected so many aspects of our lives, not to mention how we educate our students.  So over the summer, I had the pleasure to collaborate with GAT Labs in writing a complete teachers e-guide to take the physical classroom online using Google Workspace.

In this e-guide, we provide six steps and tips in teaching online using Google Workspace for Education with K-12 students.  It provides you with a comprehensive edtech toolbelt in which you will feel empowered, comfortable, and successful.  

GAT Labs provides information on their product and demonstrated how it can be used to secure online teaching, gain analytics and much more.  Especially during virtual teaching, analytics and data are even more important than ever.  Teachers and administrators want to know how long students are working on an assignment, if they opened it up and much more.  

The e-Guide provides six steps which are outlined below.

  • STEP ONE: The Physical VS. Digital Classroom — Key Components?
  • STEP TWO: Build your Digital Classroom – Ultimate EdTech Toolbelt
  • STEP THREE: Manage your Digital Classroom & Measure Engagement
  • STEP FOUR: View things from your Students’ Perspective
  • STEP FIVE: Keep your Students Safe Online
  • STEP SIX: Constantly Check for the Right Insights

In my opinion, it is important that during virtual teaching, that we keep things as simple as possible.  I am happy to announce that this e-guide presents information in a step by step approach, and it provides examples of best practices, and practical scenarios that you can use with your students immediately.  

Visit the GAT website to learn more about "Taking your physical classroom online in Google Workspace".

Download your free copy of the e-guide.

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To the GAT Labs representatives, thank you for providing me the opportunity in working with you on this piece.  I truly enjoyed it and loved working with you.