Tuesday, August 27, 2019

CS First and Google for Education Updates for Back to School

The CS First and Google for Education teams both made some significant updates to the apps for back to school. 

In this episode of The Suite Talk, I go over the changes to the following:
  • an overview of the new CS First dashboard and interface
    • creating a class
    • the progress bar
    • sending feedback
    • adding activities 
    • two new activities available which are  Characterization, and Interactive Presentation
    • student rosters
    • student login and joining a  class
    • resources available
  • Google Expeditions can be used on Android enabled Chromebooks to run and guide tours. 
    • Also, the narration feature for the points of interest on the tours.
  • Google Classroom rubrics is now available in beta. Click here to read  more about it and to sign up for the beta program. 
  • The Lexend font is a new font that is now available for Google Docs. The font can help readers with special needs.  Click here to read more about it. 

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I hope you find this episode helpful.  For more episodes, please visit my website at www.thesuitetalk.com