Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ready, Set, Go...The New Google Classroom - Part 3

This week, the Google Classroom team released a new update to Google Classroom.  The latest and greatest features are as follows:
  • In the create button, a Materials Post is available to allow class materials to be added to the Classwork Page.  This feature will allow you to add your course syllabus, classroom website, calendar, online textbooks, and any other digital content that pertains to your class.  This feature replaces the About tab on the previous version.  Below is a short screen cast I created that go over this new feature.

  • The Classwork page is now available for older classes.  Simply click on the ? at the bottom of the screen and select 'Add Classwork Page' from the drop down list.  By selecting this option, your older classroom will have the new Classwork Page tab at the top.  Here is a short screen cast I created to go over this feature. 

  • On the Stream Page, the + sign button is gone.  Now, if you want to post to the Stream Page, simply go to the top of the page, and start typing in the blank text box.  You can also reuse a post too.
  • When you create a new class, now have the option to edit the room, subject, and section.
  • When you edit a course, you have the option to edit the room and subject.
Click here to read more about these updates.  
Also, if you don't see a feature in Google Classroom, or an existing feature needs improvement, please leave the team feedback by clicking on the ? at the bottom of the screen.

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