Thursday, July 10, 2014

32 Ways to Integrate Google Apps

Looking for some ways and tips to integrate Google Apps in your school or classroom? Here are a few ideas that were presented on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning website.

Google Docs
  •  Collaborative lesson planning
  • Staff/ Grade level meeting notes
  • Shared Lesson Repository
  • Improv the writing process
  • Reading response journals
  • Translate letters home for parents
  • Track students homework and share with parents
  • Sign-up sheets
  • Science experiments
  • Flash card center
Google Forms
  • Use Google Forms for formative and summative assessments
  • Survey students: Collect student interest information
  • Do teacher or student observations
  • Tracking discipline referrals
  • Collect information from parents or teachers
  • Spelling tests/ multiplication tests
Google Calendar
  • Create shared calendars
  • Checking-out resources (laptop carts, library)
  • Standards mapping
  • Pacing guides
  • Use appointment slots for office hours
  • Communication with parents including in Different Languages
  • Global pen pals
Google Talk
  • Invite a guest lecturer into your classroom
  • Hold office hours over chat
Google Sites
  • Create classroom and school websites
  • Student ePortfolios
  • Student projects and reports
  • Curriculum sharing
  • Use Groups for discussion or announcement lists for classes, departments or committees
Blogger and YouTube
  • Use YouTube to share video demonstrations, content-approved films or have students post their own video projects
  • Use Blogger to structure and run your lessons.

A presentation  by Julia Stiglitz. Click on this LINK.

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