Thursday, July 31, 2014

Word Cloud Generators for Google Chromebooks

When I attended the All Things Google conference last week, of course I brought my Samsung Chromebook, which I love!  However, after speaking with +Kate Baker she enlightened me on a few things about the device.  She is trying to replicate the tasks she does on her traditional laptop onto a Google Chromebook. Of course, this only makes sense, and one of the tasks she wanted to complete was to generate word clouds.

Since Google Chromebooks do not run Java, Flash or Silverlight, generating word clouds was an issue. However, after sharing a few tools with me, I wanted to pass the information along to my audience too.

Here is a list of word cloud generators that will work on a Samsung Google Chromebook.  That is what I used to test these tools on.


This website will allow you to generate word clouds for free and you do not need to create an account.  Just select a grade level from 2-5 and find the above image or you can simply perform a search on the website for 'word clouds'.  Once you find it, then type the word list and it will generate a word cloud.  You can customize the color, layout and font.


A Free word cloud generator that will run on Google Chromebooks.  Please make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome before using this tool.  First, you must create an account. Next, just enter your cloud name, the words to include in the cloud, the shape, fonts, layout, and color. Finally, click 'Visualize' and your word cloud is created!

A free visual thesaurus that will take word and create a concept map of the meaning. Enter all of the words into the paragraph text box and click on 'Sift.'  The tool will display images and a visual thesaurus of the words you provided in the list.

A free word cloud generator in which you do not need to create an account.  Just type the list of words in the paragraph text box, specify the size, background color, color specifications, text, size, layout and click on 'Word it Out'.  You can even click random and it will generate all of the specifications for you automatically.  Very Easy!

Just a note:  if you want to save the word cloud, you would have to screen capture the image.

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